Experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and sustainability

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From tree to trunks

Debriefs combines premium MicroModal fabric with eco-conscious practices to give you the ultimate in comfort and sustainability.

Our trunks and boxer briefs are gentle on your skin, breathable, and made to last. Feel good inside and out with every pair.

Ensuring a sustainable future

Maximum comfort, minimal impact

Sustainability symbol for the micromodal that is used to produce Debriefs

The ultimate sustainable fabric

Our MicroModal, crafted by Lenzing, is sourced from FSC certified and rejuvenated beechwood trees, making it one of the most eco-friendly fibres in the textile industry.

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Resourceful production

During MicroModal production, Lenzing captures and reuses up to 99.9% of resources, integrating cellulose recovery for a CO2-neutral process.

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Ethically made

We care about the people behind our products. Our Turkey-based factory ensures fair pay and quality working conditions while embracing solar power and planting 1,000 trees annually to offset their carbon footprint.

MicroModal outperforms materials like cotton and bamboo

  • Water efficiency: Requires 20 times less water than cotton during production.
  • Pesticide-free: Unlike cotton, MicroModal doesn't require pesticides, reducing environmental impact.
  • Eco-friendly production: Uses fewer and recycled chemicals compared to bamboo, making it a greener choice.
How micromodal fabric is made for mens underwear The process of making micromodal for a pair of Debriefs mens underwear

From Europe to your top drawer

The Eco-Friendly Production Journey

Discover the sustainable journey of our MicroModal fabric

Sustainable tree cultivation

Beechwood trees are grown using rejuvenation, promoting forest growth without contributing to deforestation.

Our partners are responsible

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