Christmas gifts for him

What to Get Him for Christmas in 2020 – The Most Popular Christmas Gifts for Men

Everyone wants to be the star gift giver this Christmas. Use this guide to ensure the man in your life beams with joy as he unwraps your awesome gift.
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Everyone wants to be the star gift giver this Christmas. Forget the gritted teeth platitudes Aunt Betty gets when she gives over her annual garish shirt, you want the man in your life to beam with joy when he unwraps your awesome gift (or, takes it out of its gift bag – let’s be honest, wrapping is time-consuming and hard. Go for the gift bag.)



In order to pick him a Christmas present that will garner you a genuine high-five rather than a limp smile, you need to really think about what he actually wants and needs.

It doesn’t matter how well-balanced those golf clubs are if he thinks golf is a good way to ruin a walk.

Similarly, no matter how much you might love Yeezy’s fashion, a fashion-forward coat will likely sit in his wardrobe if his current daily attire includes trackies.

So, think about what kind of hobbies and interests the man in your life has. What does he like to do with his spare time? Has he ever spoken about something he’d love to try?

The best gifts are those that show you’ve thought about him and what he will still get benefit from in the future – serving as the perfect reminder of your generosity and gift-giving excellence!

Here are a few ideas to get you started.



Nothing says ‘I’m a man who’s really got my life together’ like a sophisticated and stylish timepiece. They’re an instant lift for any outfit, and practical to boot when it’s time to upgrade.

Best of all, there’s a raft of designers like Vincero, who are crafting elegant watches that look like they cost a tonne, but are actually affordable.

For more information on luxury watches that won’t break the bank, you can check out our latest blog post here:
Watches under $400 that will elevate your style


Our pick: The Chrono S, (AU $220 + FREE international shipping)



Books are great options for gifts, and the key is picking one that he’ll actually read, rather than a table prop. There’s a reason classics like How to Make Friends and Influence People  (AU $14.95) and Think and Grow Rich (AU $17.50) are such staples.

We also love The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck  it’s like getting (strongly worded) advice from your best mate.


Our pick: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, (AU $29.99) from Booktopia



Booze is always a great go-to. Whether it’s for your old man or your boyfriend, everyone loves a fine bottle of spirits. This year, you could explore the niche range and get him something from one of Australia’s great indie distilleries.

Hartshorn Distillery is Australia’s only sheep whey distillery, and they hand paint every single bottle. No one will ever accuse you of being unimaginative!


Our pick: Sheep Whey Gin, (AU $110 for 700ml + FREE shipping for all orders over $120)



How could we forget the go-to stocking filler? Men are much the same when it comes to underwear; it’s never high on the priorities list but we know we need them. That’s why Christmas is the perfect time for a top-drawer upgrade. No more faded or holey underwear sticking out from the top of his jeans!

Underwear in Australia is making a shift away from cotton, to fabrics that better accommodate a modern-day lifestyle. Debriefs, for example, are using sustainable fabrics that combine the benefits of natural fabrics with the comfiness of synthetics. They’ll leave your man comfy, fresh and confident all day.

Create a multipack he’ll love and save up to $70 during their Christmas sale.

Debriefs Multipacks

Our pick: 6 pack of trunks or boxer briefs, (AU $140 ex-discount + FREE shipping Australia wide)



Who doesn’t love relaxing after a long day to binge-watch some Game of Thrones? And while we all love online libraries like Netflix and Stan, entertainment is usually better on a bigger screen.

The solution? A Chromecast from Google! It’s a fantastic gift for the TV lovers among us. He can watch all his favourites on the big screen and easily flick through a range of different libraries including Netflix, Stan, Youtube and more.


Our pick: Chromecast, (AU $45 from JB Hi-Fi) 



Keep the man in your life smelling amazing all day with a high-quality cologne he can keep with him. A great scent is the perfect base for any outfit and will keep him feeling confident.

We love the range by Solid State Cologne for Men.  They’ve made it easy to smell good all day with their wax-based colognes you can keep in your pocket. Simply “click, swipe and apply” and he’ll smell as good as he did when you left the house.


Our pick: Solid State for Men – Aviator, (AU $39.95 + FREE shipping)



Keep the special man in your life looking his best with some quality face care products from Charles + Lee.
The two Melbourne lads behind this promising startup have made a huge impact in the Australian face-care market with their range of organic products for Men.

They’ll make it easy for your man to keep up a face-care routine!


Our pick: Face Duo, (AU $24.95) from Charles + Lee or Myer



Henri Abele is one of those 'secretly popular' brands. The type that the wine connoisseur brings to a dinner party and everyone froths over.... the good type! It quickly became the champagne of choice on the Titanic and has progressed ever since. It's full bodied taste and distinct apricot flavours place it in a class well above Moet. Grab a bottle from Direct Wine Cellars in a standard size, or if you're feeling celebratory, grab a magnum!

Henri Abele Champagne - Direct Wine Cellars

Our pick: Henri Abele, (AU $65.00) from Direct Wine Cellars



It’s time to seriously upgrade his hand luggage bag to something that oozes style and elegance rather than looks like it’s been on one too many boys’ trips to Thailand.

The Hook and Albert classic leather weekender garment bag will have him looking a million bucks as he navigates through the airport, as well as at his destination. Best of all, this bag is made to last, so it is a real investment piece.


Our pick: Men’s Brown Leather Garment Weekender Bag, ( AU $827.63) from Hook and Albert