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Why Replacing Old Underwear Is a Must for Men’s Health

So, just how often should you buy new underwear? Men should replace underwear at least every 6-12 months to avoid getting infections or rashes that can come from wearing undies for too long.
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So, just how often should you buy new underwear?

The simple answer is every 6–12 months, depending on how often you wear them. Of course, that number goes up if you regularly work out in them or simply sweat a lot throughout the day. In those cases, you might consider changing your underwear every 3–4 months. Let’s discuss daks and discover why these ranges are necessary for male underwear.

It Has to Do with Bacteria and Other Icky Things

Your underwear gets dirty because it's in close contact with your skin and private areas. Bacteria can transfer from your body to your underwear, and your laundry water may not be clean enough to remove all the bacteria. Even after you wash your underwear, it can still contain up to 10,000 living bacteria, including E.coli! So if you don't want to get sick, you must change your underwear regularly. Wearing the same pair of underwear for over a year can harm your health because it can allow harmful bacteria to accumulate, which can lead to problems such as urinary tract infections, rashes, or allergies.

Wait, Can’t They Be Washed Off?

They can! If you want to keep your undies fresh, it's generally best to wear them for only one day and wash them before wearing them again. Wearing the same pair for two days in a row isn't dangerous, but you might start to feel uncomfortable. You should wash your machine with hot water monthly to clean it. Hot water kills more bacteria than cold water. And when you put your next load in, use a trusted detergent to be safe.

Doesn’t Having More Than One Pair Help?

There isn't a definitive response to how many pairs of underwear a man should own. However, most experts agree that every grown male should have at least 20 pairs of underwear in his wardrobe. This allows a man to have enough clean underwear for every day of the week, even if he wears them more than once between washes. It’s also water efficient since he’ll wash smaller loads less and less. Plus, it's always better to be prepared with a few extra pairs in case of laundry emergencies or unexpected spills.

The Race to Replace

So while they can be washed off, every pair has a lifespan. However, several men don't remember when they bought their underwear, which can make proper replacement a chore (seriously, when most males pay attention to small details). In this case, you can look for physical and visual cues to determine when your underwear has outlived its usefulness. For example, when the material starts to sag, the colour begins to fade, and the elastic waistband gives out, it's time to throw those undies in the bin. Don't even think of getting them repaired. Before we continue, remember: Don't worry about the bacteria in your underwear killing you. It's crucial to focus on comfort and performance. Over time, you might get infections or rashes, but it's more important to feel comfortable. Either way, get your daks replaced when they’re past their lifespan.

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