Why is MicroModal the Most Comfortable Underwear for Men

Why is MicroModal the Most Comfortable Fabric for Men's Underwear?

The supreme softness, breathability and moisture wicking abilities of MicroModal make it the perfect fabric for the most comfortable and best underwear for Men.

The results are in! MicroModal is the most comfortable fabric for men's underwear

There are many fabric options available in Men's underwear today. From cotton to synthetics to MicroModal, knowing what is most comfortable can be hard unless you try them all. Along with underwear styles, absorbency and hygiene factors, the fabric you choose will make the difference between a comfortable day, and an uncomfortable one.

MicroModal has made an impact on the underwear industry in recent years due to its comparison to silk. It’s a sustainably produced fabric, made from cellulose extracted from Beech Wood trees in Austria. The trees are grown through rejuvenation and the entire process of producing MicroModal has significantly less impact on the environment compared to other fabrics.

MicroModal manufacturing process - comfortable mens underwear

Its supreme softness feels light against the skin and its breathability make it extremely good at wicking moisture away from the skin. This keeps you fresh and dry in high temps or sweaty situations. In comparison to cotton, it’s 3 times softer and 50% better at wicking moisture.

It’s resilience and dye holding qualities also make MicroModal a popular choice among underwear manufacturers. Its ability to hold dye means it maintains colour vibrancy longer without fading, even after numerous washes. It also holds its shape extremely well as the fibres are much more resilient compared to other fabrics. Many manufacturers choose to blend a small amount of Elastane with MicroModal for additional stretch, allowing the fabric to conform effortlessly around the body and move with you. In underwear, this minimises ride-up and hugs all the right places with a supported, nicely nestled feeling.


MicroModal compared to Cotton - comfortable mens underwear

The supreme softness and breathability make MicroModal the most comfortable underwear for Men. Once you try it for yourself, you’ll never buy cotton again. It makes for an extremely comfortable day that’ll leave you wondering if you’re even wearing undies.  

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