MicroModal Air and the difference from Modal and Micromodal. Close up of the fabric

MicroModal AIR Explained: Differences from Modal and MicroModal

Explore MicroModal Air and its unique production process and discover how it stands out from Modal and MicroModal fabrics in our comprehensive guide.
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MicroModal Air is the pinnacle of fabric innovation. Developed by the Austrian company Lenzing, this cutting-edge material is setting new standards with its unbeatable softness and breathability. Made from sustainably sourced beechwood trees, MicroModal Air is not only incredibly gentle on your skin but also kind to the environment. 

In this guide, we’ll dive into the journey of how MicroModal Air is crafted and uncover what makes it superior to Modal and MicroModal.

The Rise of MicroModal Air: A New Standard in Sustainable Fabrics

What is MicroModal Air?

MicroModal Air is the latest breakthrough from Lenzing, the original manufacturer of Modal and global leader in sustainable fabric production. With years of expertise, Lenzing has perfected this advanced fabric made from sustainably sourced beechwood trees. The result? Unmatched softness and breathability that blow conventional materials out of the water. But how is this wonder fabric actually made? Let's dive into the process.

The Manufacturing Process: From Tree to Fabric

  1. Sourcing Beechwood Trees: The journey begins in sustainably managed forests across Europe, where beechwood trees are harvested. These trees regenerate naturally, making them an eco-friendly choice.

  2. Pulp Production: The harvested wood is processed into pulp using a closed-loop process, which means nearly all chemicals and solvents are recovered and reused, minimising environmental impact. The pulp is then dissolved in a solvent to create a thick, viscous solution.

  3. Fibre Formation: This solution is extruded through tiny spinnerets to form fibres. For MicroModal Air, the key difference lies in the enhanced spinning technology that produces fibres even finer than those of standard MicroModal. This ultra-fine structure contributes to the fabric's superior softness and lightness.

  4. Weaving the Magic: The fibres are then spun into yarn and woven into fabric. The precision in weaving ensures the fabric maintains its lightweight and airy qualities, setting MicroModal Air apart from other materials.

How the Production Process Makes It Finer and Softer

The secret to MicroModal Air’s exceptional softness and fineness lies in the advanced manufacturing techniques developed by Lenzing. Here's how these techniques make a difference:

  • Enhanced Spinning Technology: The fibres used in MicroModal Air are produced using a proprietary spinning process that achieves a finer denier (a measure of fibre thickness). This results in fibres that are significantly finer than those in regular Modal and even MicroModal, giving MicroModal Air its trademark softness and lightness.

  • Precision in Extrusion: During the extrusion phase, the solution is forced through tiny spinnerets under carefully controlled conditions. This precision ensures uniform fibre formation, contributing to the consistent quality and feel of the fabric.

  • Advanced Weaving Techniques: Once the fibres are spun into yarn, they are woven using state-of-the-art machinery that maintains the integrity of the ultra-fine fibres. This meticulous weaving process enhances the breathability and softness of the final fabric, making it perfect for high-performance clothing like underwear.

MicroModal vs. Modal vs. MicroModal Air: The Differences

  • Modal: Modal is already a step up from traditional cotton, known for its softness and durability. It's made from the same beechwood trees but involves a slightly different process that doesn't yield fibres as fine as MicroModal or MicroModal Air.

  • MicroModal: MicroModal takes it up a notch with even finer fibres, resulting in a softer and more luxurious fabric. It's more breathable and holds its shape better than regular Modal.

  • MicroModal Air: Here’s where it gets interesting. MicroModal Air is the pinnacle of fabric innovation. Its fibres are the finest, making it the lightest and softest among the three. Plus, it's designed to be even more breathable and moisture-wicking, making it perfect for intimate apparel such as women's and men's underwear.

Why Choose MicroModal Air for Your Underwear?

  1. Unmatched Comfort: The ultra-fine fibres make MicroModal Air incredibly soft. Think of it like wearing a second skin.

  2. Superior Breathability: Enhanced airflow keeps you cool and fresh, no matter how intense or sweaty your day gets.

  3. Eco-Friendly: Sustainably sourced and produced, MicroModal Air is a win for both you and the planet.

  4. Durability: Despite its lightness, MicroModal Air is remarkably durable, holding up well to washes and wear.


What makes MicroModal Air different from regular MicroModal? MicroModal Air features even finer fibres, resulting in a lighter and more breathable fabric compared to regular MicroModal.

Is MicroModal Air eco-friendly? Absolutely! It's made from sustainably sourced beechwood trees and produced using environmentally friendly processes.

How does MicroModal Air improve breathability? The ultra-fine fibres allow for better airflow, which helps keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Is MicroModal Air durable? Yes, despite its lightness, MicroModal Air is durable and retains its quality even after multiple washes.

MicroModal Air represents the pinnacle of fabric innovation, combining unparalleled softness, breathability, and sustainability. This groundbreaking material, crafted by the experts at Lenzing, sets a new standard in comfort and eco-friendliness. Whether you're discovering it for the first time or already appreciating its benefits, MicroModal Air is a true testament to the future of fabric technology. And for those seeking the best in men's underwear, this fabric might just be the upgrade you've been searching for.

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