How I Made Dieting Work With A Busy Schedule

How I Made Dieting Work With A Busy Schedule

Dieting on a busy schedule can be hard, but we've got some simple tricks to help you stick with a diet and get rid of those pesky holiday pounds.

It’s been almost a year since I incorporated intermittent fasting into my life and I’ll probably never eat in the morning again. At first, I was skeptical because it almost seemed too simple. So many benefits, very little drawbacks and such a simplified approach to eating.


At first, I had trouble skipping breakfast and making it to lunchtime, but that was mainly because I’d been used to eating in the morning for years.

After two weeks or so, I was completely used to breaking my fast at 2 pm and eating my last meal around 8 pm. In the morning, a cup of coffee or green tea was enough to blunt my hunger.


Intermittent fasting has allowed me to lose fat and keep it off with little to no effort. Because the eating window is small, I get to eat 2 big meals and a snack, even when my calories are restricted. Depending on my meetings for the day, i’ll normally eat a chicken sandwich around 2pm, some nuts or fruit to tie me over for the rest of the day, and a large steak with veggies or salad for dinner around 7-8pm.

This satisfies me and I can’t remember the last time that I was truly hungry despite being much leaner than I used to be until last year.

But it doesn’t stop there. Because I don’t eat in the morning, I get two awesome benefits out of it:

  • I don’t have to plan and prepare breakfast in the morning. I can wake up, meditate, shower and get on with my day. I don’t think about food until noon.
  • Fasting has dramatically improved my cognitive function. Before IF, I used to struggle with productivity, especially before noon. Now, I feel so mentally sharp that I often get more work done until noon than I used to for the entire day.

This style of eating also fits perfectly with my social life. Because I get to eat lots of calories in a small window, I can leave most of them for the evening and enjoy drinks out with friends, cake at a birthday party or even a big dinner at a nice restaurant. I never really worry about how much I’m eating either. As long as i’m eating within moderation, I find it hard to exceed my total calorie allowance for the day.


Intermittent fasting is simple to follow, easy to get used to, it makes weight loss much simpler, you don’t need to stress about food in the morning and you’re much more productive. You can’t go wrong with it!