How to choose men's underwear for your body type

How To Choose Men's Underwear For Your Body Type

Learn how to choose the right men's underwear for your body type? It's all about knowing your own body and what makes you comfortable!
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As easy as it may seem, looking for the right underwear is quite challenging. The perfect pair isn't just about how it makes you look but more about how it makes you feel. Is the fit too tight? Can your "gentleman" breathe? You have to take into account all of these when you're shopping for new underwear. Not to mention the fact that it has to be right for your body type too! 

Unbeknownst to many men out there, you should always consider your body type when buying new underwear. And you may ask, why? What does your body type have to do with choosing your underwear when the garment doesn't even cover your entire body? Well, your underwear is still the first layer of clothing you put on. If the pair you're wearing isn't right for your body type, it will most likely make you uncomfortable. 

Imagine going to a party and you had a suit tailor-made just for the event. But your underwear underneath it is so tight, any slight movement causes you massive discomfort. And instead of having fun, you'd rather just stay seated. You look good in your suit, yes, but you feel miserable in your underwear. 

Now, don't you wish you chose the right pair for your body type? Of course, you do! The next time you go underwear-shopping, here are a few points to remember: 

Know your body type

First thing's first, know your body type! There's actually more to it than just being fat or thin. The Underwear Expert noted that some body types exhibit certain shapes that are beyond just slim or thick.

 Specifically, there's apple-shaped, which is an overall round silhouette. As well as pear-shaped, which they described as having a slimmer torso but with a bigger hip and buttocks area. They also took into account your height, which may mean some body parts are bigger (for taller men) or smaller (for shorter men) than others. 

Determine what you want for day-to-day

Do you now know your body type? Good! Now, it's time to decide what you want. There are mainly four types of underwear to choose from, and according to GQ Australia, each serves a different purpose in terms of giving you comfort. Namely, they are briefs (snuggle fit), boxers (loose fit for breathability), boxer-briefs (secure fit but still ample breathability), and trunks (slightly slimmer cut than boxer-briefs). 

Choosing men's underwear for body type

You'll likely prefer one over the other at different times and that's okay. Your "gentleman" will want to breathe at times,  particularly when you're just lounging at home. And in other instances, such as playing sports, you'll prefer to have it safely secured. The most important thing is that, whichever type of underwear you choose, you remain comfortable. 

Ensure your health

Moreover, comfortable underwear for your body type isn't just about the right fit. At times, it also ensures your health too. 

For instance, if you insist on wearing underwear that's too tight, chances are it will affect your blood circulation. Parts of your body, particularly the lower half, won't receive as much oxygen as needed. 

Furthermore, it can also affect your sperm count. According to medical experts, a pair that's too tight heats up your scrotum, which in turn will put a strain on your sperm reproduction. 

And when your underwear is too loose? What then? One word: chaffing! This is especially if you choose to wear loose underwear underneath tight clothing made out of strong materials. Skinny jeans are a perfect example. The hard denim rubbing against your most sensitive area can lead to a terrible rash! 

If you think taking the time to choose the right underwear for your body type is a waste of time, think again! The discomfort you will feel with the wrong pair is out of this world! Not to mention the health risks you're exposing your body to as well. Ultimately, the right men's underwear for your body type will have you feeling great, confident, and oh-so-sexy!