Debriefs underwear review - Jamie Azzopardi

Celebrity Stylist Jamie Azzopardi Reviews Debriefs

Luxury men's underwear brand Debriefs challenged Jamie to review Debriefs trunks and boxer briefs against the competitors in the Australian underwear market. Here's his review.

Luxury men's underwear brand Debriefs recently challenged me to see how their product weighed against the competitors on set so this week I worked with seasoned models Simon & Morgan to see just how they felt about a day in the “comfy undies” for myself. I have to say when I initially felt the garments I immediately took notice, the soft and ultra-comforting feeling is the first thing you observe and within seconds you begin to see just how much attention this brand has paid to creating the perfect product for every male. From the customised pouch to the soft breathable material I have to say I didn’t have anything to complain about but as the boys arrived on set to shoot it was time to put them to the real test.

You may not know but being on set can be a hard task. From the long hours to the retaking of images “the glamorous life” is a lot of repetitive hard work that takes hours to capture that one image you see. After putting the underwear on the boys began to shoot and after our time on set, I asked how the underwear felt separately to both boys. We had a quick chat about a range of things but both of the boys had decided they were winners! Soft, comfortable and non-irritable, shape-holding and best of all they allowed them to breathe!

I decided to do some of my own research into the brand and after learning they focus on 4 key elements of design it was clear that they’d really put a lot of effort into the garments to ensure the comfort of men day in and day out. While it’s true men don’t spend the right amount of time on underwear nor the right amount of care the brands sole focus is to show men there’s no substitute for comfort! While the fit is perfect the edge of these comes from its make. It’s micro modal, a rayon fiber that is feather light on the skin, and three times softer and fifty percent more absorbent than cotton. It’s eco-friendly, extremely breathable and resistant to shrinking or fading while also inhibiting odours and natural forming bacterias which means you’ll be able to use these comfy undies for longer, stay fresh all day long and help the environment!

I’m sure your biggest question here is if they’re so good then the price tag must be enormous, but quite contrary, the trunks and boxer briefs start at $21 and the multipacks range from $80 to $138. Take a look below at the Debriefs in action from our day on set and check out their website where you can buy these amazingly refreshing revolutionary underwear for yourself, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed in the quality or the feel.

Debriefs underwear review