Cleaning techniques that damage men's briefs underwear - mens underwear hanging on the washing line

5 Cleaning Techniques That Damage Men’s Brief Underwear

Do you want your underwear briefs to last longer? Then avoid these cleaning techniques that might be damaging your underwear.

We all want our underwear to last as long as possible. But sometimes, in our quest for cleanliness, we can actually end up damaging our beloved briefs. So, how do you wash men's brief underwear? It's as simple as tossing it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry, right? Well, while that might work for the time being, that's probably one of the most common mistakes you can ever make!

Here are 5 cleaning techniques you might be using that hurt your men's brief underwear:


Washing your underwear too often can actually shorten its lifespan. Underwear is designed to be worn next to your skin, so it doesn't need to be washed after every wear. In fact, washing your underwear too frequently can cause the fabric to break down and the elastic to deteriorate. If you must wash your underwear after every wear, be sure to use a gentle detergent and cool water.

Using Hot Water

Hot water is known to help tackle things like stains and also kill off germs. However, hot water can damage the fabric of your underwear and cause the elastic to degrade. When washing your underwear, always use cool or warm water.


Bleach is a harsh chemical that can damage the fabric of your underwear and strip away colour. We recommend avoiding bleach at all costs but If you must use bleach to clean your underwear, be sure to use non-chlorine bleach and a diluted solution.


Ironing your underwear can damage the fabric and cause the elastic to degrade. If you must iron your underwear, be sure to use a low-heat setting and a pressing cloth. Otherwise, once they're washed, hang them on the washing line or lay them flat to dry.

Machine Washing

We've said it already, but we'll say it again. Machine washing your underwear can damage the fabric and cause the elastic to degrade. If you must machine wash your underwear, be sure to use a gentle cycle and cool water. Otherwise, hand washing is best!


So, do you find yourself making any of these mistakes when washing your men's brief underwear? If so, do your best to change your habits. While you may not notice it immediately, these techniques will damage your fabrics. Over time, this can lead to overstretched, uncomfortable, and damaged underwear that you'll need to replace more frequently.

So, do yourself a favour and wash your underwear properly. In the long run, you'll save lots of money, and it'll also ensure that your clothes are always comfortable to wear!

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